6 Tips for a healthy lifestyle in autumn

Boost your health this fall with these eight tips that are so simple you'll hardly notice they're healthy.

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, change is in the air. That's what makes fall a great time for renewal and fresh starts. It's time to fine-tune your health by making one or two small changes that will yield big results.

Make beans part of your diet
If you want to do one thing to improve your diet this fall, eat 3 cups of beans every week. In addition to being comfort food, beans add flavor and texture to soups, chili and casseroles. They are also a great addition to salads.

Beans are rich in protein, iron, folic acid, fiber and potassium. So pick a bean, any one - lima, black, chickpea, pinto, or other - and enjoy.

Start strengthening your resistance early
Boost your body from the beginning of autumn to maintain our physical health and energy levels. A lack of sunlight can lead to a vitamin D deficiency in the fall and winter months, which can affect our mood and energy levels. Up to 80% of the Belgian population experiences a vitamin D deficiency during the winter months. By taking supplements such as Metis Winter Essentials you can be one step ahead of that vitamin deficiency!

De-stress with friendship
Fall is a good time to reconnect after the summer fragmentation of vacations and busy schedules - a great time to relax with friends.

Eliminate stress by connecting in person or on the phone with someone you care about, someone you haven't spoken to in a while due to the busyness of life. The positive emotions will make you feel good, and when joy and stress meet, joy wins.

Have fun with exercise
Improve your fitness this fall: Try a less conventional workout to freshen up your routine.

Break out of your exercise routine by taking a ballroom dance class or trying a mind-body workout like yoga, Pilates or Tai chi. You will be more energetic and more likely to stay motivated.

Heart health: know your numbers
Boost your heart health this fall, taking advantage of the seasonal sense of renewal to focus on prevention.

This means you can make an appointment with your doctor to have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, and to see if your blood glucose levels are healthy. Knowing your numbers will help you understand your personal risk for heart disease.

Synchronize your sleep with (sun)light
Manage the demanding autumn schedules by adjusting your internal sleep-wake rhythm to the environment.

In the morning, go outside within 5 minutes of getting up and expose yourself to bright light for 30 minutes. In the evening, avoid bright light within two to three hours before bedtime, as this can delay your falling asleep time. This will keep you alert in the morning and make you sleepy at bedtime.

It's time to renew yourself! Try these six simple tips to boost your health—they can give you a fresh start this fall.

Pharmacist Dirk
Founder Metis Supplements

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